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Vampire Kiss: Bloody Choices

Step into the role of a manager for a popular Korean actor. Encounter a renowned K-pop idol who breaks free from the set. Assist a novice actor in navigating the film studio. Perhaps you'll be drawn to the charming financial director? Or her boss – a wealthy investor who appears in your dreams? What bloody secrets lurk behind the friendly smiles of your newfound acquaintances? The evolution of the love story rests entirely in your hands. Korean entertainment industry. Filming dramas, idols, and their quirky fans, competition among actors, a fierce struggle for fame and money – this is your everyday life. In addition to work, you will have to deal with the mysteries of your past, with the help of your friend Soo Jin, your younger brother Aki, and his charming... "friends" – Ian and Julius. Whether you remain human, turn into a vampire, or ascend to the throne as the queen of vampires hinges on your choices.

Visual Novel, Simulation, Role Playing

Operating System
iOS / Android

Released On
Oct 13, 2023