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Vampire Kiss Love Story

This visual novel will transport you into the film industry. Will you encounter a quiet work environment at the film studio, or will someone plot against you? Be prepared to interact with Korea's top actor, a popular idol, a rookie, a wealthy investor, and a successful financial director. What secrets do they keep? When did they know you? Uncover the mysteries of the heroine's past life through dating experiences. Why did the progenitor vampire choose to join the human society? How did the god transition into a businessperson? What caused a feud between a super-famous actor and a rookie? Discover their connections and make choices that shape your journey. In our story, no one is immune to the allure of forbidden love and dramatic encounters. Your personal choices will have a profound impact on the storyline. Choose from a selection of fantastic characters as potential partners. The ending is entirely up to you! Challenge yourself in each episode and unlock all the unique and steamy scenes the game has to offer.

Visual Novel, Simulation, Role Playing

Operating System

Released On
Aug 20, 2023