Welcome to Faifly Digital Agency

Our specialization is developing high-performance Internet solutions

About us

Faifly is a team of young like-minded people who challenge various tasks through development in the field of innovations and crave to make this world a better place

What are we doing?

Our main activity is the outsourcing of web/mobile applications development, but we also proudly create our projects, applications, and games

What is our strength?

Giving way to the young talents and geeks, because even a veteran programmer once wrote his first "Hello, World!" Saying yes to proactivity

Technologies with which we are working

Front-end / Back-end / Mobile

  • vue
  • nodejs
  • swift
  • angular
  • kotlin
  • react
  • flutter
  • python
  • go


We aim to create projects that simplify people's lives and solve business problems

xDrip - Open Source Glucose monitor

Open source project for blood sugar level monitoring through Dexcom-G6, Libre-2 sensors

Time report System

Time Report system is a tool for convenient management of company employees' working hours


Designed for remote patient monitoring, keeping statistics, ordering and distribution of new patient devices

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