Diabetes control is in your hands

Open source

Our product is intended for patients who need to control their blood sugar level and track the time of insulin injections. The main feature of the application is the ability to connect sensors that transmit sugar level in real time to the application and synchronize this data with the server. We support Dexcom G6 sensors. The application is adapted for iPhone and iPad, as well as MacOS allows you to monitor yourself or your child more effectively. The application can work in Master or Follower mode. In Follower mode, you can track your child’s blood sugar reading while he’s at school.

01.The home page displays detailed insights about the current patient's condition

02.The user can easily and quickly, which is vital, add the number of calories consumed or, for example, the time spent on training

03.On the Statistics screen the user can see the median, as well as peak values

04.History is very important for the patient, as he easily sees the symptoms for the day he’s interested in

Responsive design is an important part of the project

Depending on your smartphone settings, a dark or light version of the application will be displayed

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