RPM365 from easy set-up and patient data monitoring to generating significant revenue for practice

Project concept

It has become vital to create a comprehensive solution where a doctor can remotely control the data received from his patients and quickly respond to them depending on the situation, and patients monitor their health directly from their smartphone, without frequent medical appointments.



  • BP Monitor
  • Glucometer
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Scale
  • Spirometer


  • Practice’s profit
  • Remote communications
  • Patient statistics
  • Patient's chart history

OS platforms

Our team developed an iOS - and Android -based mobile application for patients’ health remote monitoring and a web version of the CRM system for doctors and practitioners, where they can easily track their patients and adjust their treatment.

Also separately for doctors and practitioners, a CRM system was developed for a patient's data entry including the readings and indications, which the patient takes independently by his medical device, and then synchronizes it by the smartphone via bluetooth.

How it works

Find the device that you have located on the "Devices" screen and add it to your “New Reading” tab.

After adding, connect the device to your smartphone via bluetooth and read the data that you made in advance.

The data displays in the application and automatically sends to the doctor in the CRM system.

All the readings you have made are recorded on the statistics tab. They help to analyze your health status both over a short and a long period of time.


The doctor can contact the patient if something went wrong and give instructions on the patient's further actions.

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