In-house development solution for quick and easy scheduling your vacation, day-off or time-off

We created the Day Off Planner app for more convenient organization and taking into account the employees’ holidays, days-off and times-off. Now everything is gathered in one place at a glance

UX Design

This is the fundamental part that should be taken into account. We started by researching and planning user paths. Prototyping various frameworks and checking their behavior to see how it works is a crucial moment for a successful product

UI Design

Ergonomic and edgy product interface is a vital feature. Users should be satisfied by the quality of imagery, and we took that into account and also followed the principles of creating easy-to-use interfaces


Research is the most important part that led us to the right decisions. Our employees were involved in the analysis in a role of the end users

Now let's take a quick look on a visual result we’ve got

Let's start from the event screen, which we see after login. An employee gets to the events page where he quickly schedules a vacation or a day-off, after simply entering into the system

On the statistics screen, an employee can track the number of missed (non-worked off) hours and can easily plan his working time on that basis

Our app provides all the event options that are useful to employees. Accurate tracking of work and personal time has never been so convenient and easy

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